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What are the building blocks of a new democracy? How can we learn to work together? Govern together?
Transforming Communities is committed to the idea of building local power with a long-term view toward real change. As an initiative of the Praxis Project, this site promotes an emerging model of fulcrum points, allowing for comprehensive social change solutions that build democracy and governance, address needs and deliver just outcomes. Not just more policy, but better policy.
We believe that building local power with national vision and coordination is building democracy from the bottom up. By working locally we can more effectively make our voices heard, forge our shared vision, and even implement cutting edge initiatives. Local empowerment is especially important as our communities are often concentrated in urban and rural areas that are marginalized in the regular course of state and federal policy making.

Featured Policies

Louisiana Passes new law allowing 16-year olds to pre-register to vote
The Louisiana state legislature unanimously passed HB501 this month opening up voter pre-registration to 16-year olds. All pre-registered 16 and 17-year olds will automatically be registered to vote when they turn 18 unless they "opt out." This is in contrast to traditional "opt in" voting laws, which generally result in fewer people registering to vote. Louisiana already has a significantly higher rate of youth voting than the national average and this law is intended to continue boosting that number. Read more

Montgomery County, Maryland passes "Promote Our Vote" Resolution
The Montgomery County Council passed the "Promote Our Vote" Resolution last year that called for a constitutional right to vote and established a Right to Vote Task Force responsible for identifying ways to improve elections. The Task Force released their report last month with 59 recommendations including ranked choice voting for primary and general elections; improved online registration; and expansion of voting rights to disenfranchised groups such as adults with felony convictions and noncitizen permanent residents. Read more